Democrats Have Endangered Us All

The New Anti-Policing Laws Need To Be Changed!

Radical Democrats in the State Legislature pushed poorly written, anti-policing bills through a hyper-partisan process, despite numerous objections from Police Chiefs and Sheriffs along with Republican Legislators that offered amendments to improve these flawed bills. It is no surprise that less than 24 hours after these laws went into effect that we have seen an increase in crime. Sign the petition and tell lawmakers to fix these misguided bills!

This past Sunday, a package of Democrat-backed anti-policing laws took effect. These laws were passed by State Democrats and signed by Gov. Jay Inslee this spring during Legislative Session. Less than 24 hours after these anti-policing laws became the law of the land, we have already seen an increase in crime and terrible situations that make Washington residents less safe. One of the worst situations was a criminal who stole a school bus and Police could not apprehend him due to the new laws – meanwhile the criminal ditched the bus and stole a front-loader, eventually ramming it into a single-family home.

The Radical Democrats in the State Legislature had every opportunity to work with Republicans to revise their bills to add clarity and common-sense. Numerous Police Chiefs and Sheriffs advised Democrats to change these bills and Republican Legislators fought hard to offer amendments to improve these deeply flawed bills. Instead of listening to the experts and working in a bipartisan manner, Democrats pushed forward with these poorly written bills and passed them in a hyper-partisan process.