Resolutions From Past State Committee Meetings

2021 November Resolutions

2021 August Meeting

Why Resolutions Matter

Resolutions are formal statements issued by our State Committee, after significant discussion and internal voting. At least three times a year the state committee, consisting of 3 members from each of the 39 County GOP Parties and WSRP leadership, meet to conduct party business. This includes an executive board session and specific sub-committee meetings, such as Political Operations, Fundraising, Social Media and more, including a Resolutions Committee. The Resolutions Committee crafts and revises statements that best reflect the opinions of Republicans in Washington State. Once the Resolutions Committee agrees to approve the final products, then the Committee Chair is tasked with presenting these resolutions to the entire State Committee for final passage.

Resolutions can be on a wide range of topics because they are meant to reflect the opinion of Republicans in our state. One of the more widely known use of resolutions is the candidate endorsement process, whenever a candidate has been endorsed by WSRP, it means the endorsement went through the resolutions process and was passed by a majority of the State Committee. Other resolutions can be to show approval or disapproval for the actions of elected officials, develop policy platforms, allocate resources, amend our bylaws, and much more.