DEMS! Bad News for Seattle Liberals

June 26, 2017

Our on-going alerts, DEMS! (Distinctly Embarrassing Moments for Seattle!), highlight the many ways one-party Democrat rule in Seattle has hurt the reputation of the city and our state. Read on!

Add a disastrous minimum-wage law to the list of what Seattle Democrats are known for nationwide!

Making network news today, economists at the University of Washington released a study that exposes the truth about Seattle’s landmark $15 an hour minimum-wage increase: it has caused workers to lose money! “With employers cutting back on hours, Seattle workers are losing an average of $1,500 a year.”

A widely respected MIT labor economist, David Autor, said if he were a Seattle lawmaker, he would be thinking hard about the $15 phase-in.

But who needs the advice of a leading economist when you have the economic advice of rich radical Kshama Sawant? In 2014, the socialist councilwoman demanded immediately increasing the minimum-wage by over $5 an hour! Just think of the disaster she could have caused, since Seattle low-wage earners are already suffering with a phased-in approach.

The $15 an hour minimum-wage has worsened the lives of workers when it was meant to improve them. How embarrassing for Seattle lawmakers!

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