Secure Your Vote

Sponsored by the Washington State Republican Party

Secure Your Vote! Sign up to have your ballot safely and securely collected and turned in by Trained and Verified Grassroots Conservative Volunteers right at your home. Our great conservative candidates are fighting for you and your families’ freedoms, reducing your cost of living, and against crime and increasing homelessness in our communities. They are also fighting to stop the spread of disastrous one-party, hard-left Democrat rule in our state. They can’t win these fights unless you VOTE!

We have teams of Trained and Verified Grassroots Conservative volunteers and campaign staff who are out in communities knocking on doors, helping inform voters about the upcoming election, and collecting ballots to turn in. We will ensure the integrity of your vote by turning it in directly and making sure it is counted by the county auditor’s office, verified by our team of conservative election observers.

Please fill out your contact information below and schedule a time for one of our grassroots conservative volunteers or campaign staff to come legally collect your ballot and turn it in for you! Ballot collection is legal in Washington State (RCW 29A.40.091).

Elections are important and have far too many consequences for any conservative not turning in their ballot. Crime and the cost of living continue skyrocketing under Democrat rule, it must end, one election at time. Our citizens and community cannot afford more one-party, hard-left Democrat rule. We have set up this safe, secure, and convenient ballot collection program to help you. Your voice matters! Sign up to Secure Your Vote today!