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Socialism is Spreading…

In Washington State, we know a thing or two about the dangers of socialism. We have seen the devastating consequences brought by Kshama Sawant and her radical followers: the tents, the needles, the public urination, and the crime that has wreaked havoc on Seattle. Tonight, Bernie Sanders brings his national radicalism as he takes over the Tacoma Dome with empty promises of free college, government-run healthcare, and… higher taxes.

Democrats used to try and distance themselves from socialism. Not anymore. The head of the DNC, Tom Perez, has said that there is “no ideological divide” between Bernie Sanders’ Socialism and other Democrats.
State Democrats’ are forcing Seattle Style socialism on all of us – tax our income, take away our Second Amendment rights, and legalize drugs while they mandate a one-size-fits-all comprehensive sex ed agenda on every school across the state and ignore the voters wishes for $30 car tabs. 

We need you to help us fight back against the socialist agenda. When you pitch in $10 or $20 we can get our Field Directors and activists what they need to spread the word – knock on the right doors, make the right phone calls, and register voters across the state so come November we win back seats in the State Legislature, beat Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson, and tell Socialism to take a hike.