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“That’s News To Me”

I know you’re sick and tired of what’s going on in Washington State. From our absentee, incompetent Governor shutting down our economy and dragging his feet on getting Washingtonians back to work, to the absolute lawlessness that’s taking place in Seattle after years of failed prosecution and political pandering by our Attorney General Bob Ferguson – enough is enough.

We’re taking action. Over the next 4 months we’re planning to run ads like the one below all across the state to highlight exactly what Jay Inslee and fellow Democrats have done.  Will you pitch in $10, $25, $50, or even $100 to help get our message on TV and radio?

Record high unemployment, nearly $1 billion stolen from the Employment Security Department, businesses closing for good, comprehensive sex education starting in Kindergarten, and the list of Democratic failures continues to grow. Now they have already introduced a state capital gains income tax and ANOTHER tax on jobs – it’s absolutely unbelievable.

We know the left-wing media wants to hide the truth and that’s why we need you to pitch in and help us get the word out on TV and radio. The more money we raise, the more ads we can make, and the more airtime we can pay for so pitch in today and let’s win this in November!