With the General Election only 76 days away, we are kicking it into high gear all across the state to help elect our great Republican candidates and finally get our state back on the right track.

We’re making phone calls, knocking on doors, and talking to voters. And we are hearing a lot of good things. People are frustrated with Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson, and they want a change.  Voters want to be heard and Democrats have made it clear that if it’s not on their agenda, then it doesn’t matter what people want.

Just look at what’s happened with $30 car tabs and the Democrats’ awful comprehensive sex ed curriculum.

Well, enough is enough – check out the Candidate Slate below, get on board, and pitch in today to help your favorite candidate get across the finish line in November!

Our 2020 Candidates have been working hard and now it’s our turn to show them the support they need to make it across the finish line – pitch in $10, $25, $50 or even $100 today and lets win this!

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John Perkins · August 22, 2020 at 10:30 pm

“Democrats have made it clear that if it’s not on their agenda, then it doesn’t matter what people want” and so have the Republicans. The GOP is as responsible for everything wrong with this state as Democrats are. The GOP has supported mass immigration for decades against the wishes of their voters and continues to do so. What will this election change? Nothing because “conservatives” are, and have always been, cowards.

Deirdre sargent · September 8, 2020 at 9:04 pm

republicans need to be smart to overcome the top two and do a write-in for our top republican from the primary which I believe was Ann Davison Sattler. Is we al coalesce begins ONE republican we could unseat the two Democrat candidates. I’d like to see the Republican Party get this idea out there. As we all know let governor becomes governor. And it keeps Dems in charge. Let’s be smart!

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