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The Washington State Republican Party is Thriving

From Bellingham to Clarkston, Republicans in Washington State are not only making a difference but providing a voice that is often ignored by Seattle liberals hellbent on out of touch ideological policies that don’t work.

Republican and conservative non-partisan elected officials are presenting fresh ideas and implementing innovative solutions to the most pressing issues in our communities, issues that are largely ignored by the one-party rule of Democrats in Olympia and Seattle.

Let’s start with homelessness and mental health.  Seattle spends tens of millions ($77 million allocated for homelessness in the 2018 budget) to address homelessness and crime but continues to top the charts for worst in the nation in both categories.  Meanwhile communities like Marysville are taking a new approach by pairing much-needed behavioral health services (including embedding social workers with police officers) with a no-tolerance policy on criminal activity.

Pierce County, the second largest county in the state, is led by Republican County Executive, Bruce Dammeier. Under his leadership, homelessness in the county has dropped 9% in the last year due to his prioritizing of increased behavioral health services and strict enforcement of laws.

Then there’s education. While Democrats are concerned with catering to special interest groups, Republicans are putting our students first and making quality education accessible to everyone. In fact, it was Republicans who put a cap on state college tuition so more Washingtonians could afford to receive higher education. Republican led efforts to reform our education system and put student achievement first have been thwarted by a Democratic Party beholden to the WEA.

Moving on to affordable housing – Republicans in Olympia have made affordable housing a top priority and proposed rolling back unnecessary regulations to increase the supply of affordable housing options in our state.  They’ve also suggested reducing property tax rates while Democrats continue to vote to remove property tax caps and push for policies that price seniors out of their homes as they continue to grow government at an unsustainable rate.

Next, let’s talk transportation. As we struggle through our daily commutes in ever-increasing gridlock, Republicans are holding the unelected Sound Transit decision makers accountable. When citizens were being overcharged by hundreds of dollars for their car tabs, it was Republicans who stepped in to defend the taxpayers and right those wrongs.  Meanwhile, Democrats enable Sound Transit CEO, Peter Rogoff to rake in a massive $364,000 taxpayer funded annual salary.

And finally, taxes.  Washingtonians have repeatedly insisted that they do not want new taxes, yet Democrats never tire of finding new ways to make Washingtonians pay including seeking an energy tax, a capital gains tax, a jobs tax, and more – all in just the last year.

It is no secret that Jay Inslee has squandered millions of taxpayer dollars for his longshot bid for the presidency and refused to pay it back. But it isn’t just Inslee who is abusing taxpayer resources. King County Executive Dow Constantine has been using executive security as personal drivers to take him to bars and biweekly haircuts.  Democrats treat government as if it exists to benefit them personally.

While arrogant, elitist Democrats continue to take advantage of the powers of their offices, Republicans are striving for a government that works for the people and a world where public office holders represent the people they were elected to serve.

The Democratic Party has been serving up more of the same for the last 3 decades in Washington. The only thing that is evolving is their elitist, entitled attitudes toward the very people who elect them. The Republican Party is innovating, adapting, and building a better world where all Washingtonians can benefit.

We could point out every inaccuracy in Danny Westneat’s “article”, but it comes down one thing – if he and his Seattle bubble think it’s the Republican Party that isn’t evolving, he’s simply not paying attention.