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Three Weeks And Still Nothing On Car Tabs

Another week is almost finished up in the 2020 legislative session and Jay Inslee and fellow Democrats have still done nothing to address I-976 and $30 car tabs.  In fact, they’ve doubled down on their efforts to punish taxpayers by trying to eliminate initiatives and referendums and suing the hardworking Washingtonians who are trying to put an end to the bureaucratic waste in Olympia.

Democrats have made it clear that they are not interested in what the voters think, but Republicans in the State House and State Senate have been working overtime to implement $30 car tabs and do right by the voters. Luckily, we can retake the majorities in both chambers this year and give the people what they deserve – a government that works for them.

We’ve had enough, so to send a message to Inslee and the other self-interested Democrats down in Olympia we’re going to send a ‘license plate’ to the Governor’s office on YOUR behalf.  For every $5 you pitch in through this special link, we’ll send the below postcard, signed by you, directly to the Governor’s office.

We have a real chance to kick Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson to the curb and win back seats in the State House and State Senate, but we can’t do it alone.  Pitch in $5, $10, or even $30 to send a message to Governor Inslee today and help us take our state back!