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Washington State Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Capital Gains Income Tax

BELLEUVE – The Washington State Supreme Court put politics over a plain reading of the law by upholding the Democrats Income Tax on Capital Gains today. The Court disregarded the widely accepted definition of capital gains as income tax, as recognized by the IRS and every other state across the country.

Instead of clearly following the law, the court invented a clever means to uphold the tax. This is concerning to all Washingtonians as the stated goal of progressives was to implement an income tax on capital gains before moving to a broad-based progressive income tax.

In response to the ruling, advocates are already calling to increase the income tax on capital gains and Democrats have discussed lowering the threshold to apply this tax to more Washingtonians.

This ruling is blatantly political and shows that our State Supreme Court is more concerned with pushing their political ideology than with their role of being impartial. It is now up to the citizens of Washington State to voice their opposition and reject the Democrat’s attempt to implement a comprehensive income tax.