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WAGOP-endorsed candidates focus on winning as the primary election nears

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Bellevue—With Primary Election Day in WA just six weeks away, WAGOP-endorsed candidates are focused on fixing what’s broken in WA, under years of one-party Democrat rule. Set for Tuesday, August 6th, the primary election will determine the top two vote-getters in each race who will advance to the General Election in November.

“The WAGOP is laying the groundwork for winning elections in November,” says WAGOP Chairman Jim Walsh.

WAGOP federal office endorsements include Raul Garcia, U.S. Senate; endorsed Congressional candidates include Jeb Brewer, 1st District; Joe Kent, 3rd District; Jerrod Sessler, 4th District; Brian Dansel, 5th District; Drew MacEwen, 6th District; Cliff Moon, 7th District, Carmen Goers, 8th District, and Nirav Sheth, 10th District.

Endorsed candidates for statewide office include Semi Bird, Governor; Pete Serrano, Attorney General; Sue Kuehl Pederson, Commissioner of Public Lands; Matt Hawkins, Auditor; Dale Whitaker, Secretary of State; and David Olson, Superintendent of Public Instruction.

WAGOP’s slate of endorsed candidates reflects a big-tent approach to winning in the political arena, unlike WA Democrats. Incredulously, they refused to invite Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mark Mullet—WA AG Bob Ferguson’s Democrat rival—and various candidates for important statewide positions to the WA Democrat Convention this past weekend.

“During their ‘convention,’ WA Democrats shut down and shut out diversity of opinion. They tried hard to spin the WAGOP’s real, unscripted State Convention last April as ‘chaotic.’ But the WAGOP let everyone who wanted to speak, speak,” adds Chairman Walsh. “If you don’t pay them [WA Democrats], you’re not part of their ‘convention.’”

There are 654 races on the primary ballot this year including ten for US Congress, nine for statewide executive roles, and one for US Senate. Twenty-five of 49 races are open to the State Legislature, while all 98 House seats are open.

“Conservatives are energized and looking forward to the state primary and the general election,” says Chairman Walsh. “My job is to unite people behind common-sense conservative candidates, and I will do that. I’ve said all along winning in November is our goal.”