BELLEVUE – Chairman Caleb Heimlich released the following statement prior to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s appearance in Bellevue.

“Harmful rhetoric from the left is out of control and statements made by Rep. Ilhan Omar containing heavy anti-semetic tropes further divide our country.”

“Washington State is a very tolerant state, and hatred towards an entire group of people should have no place here. Now is a time that our state and country must come together, not fuel the fires of disdain towards one another.”

“Promoting this style of politics by inviting this distasteful speech to Washington State is disrespectful to our community.”

Below are two examples of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s statements, both have since been deleted:


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Wendy Buck · May 30, 2019 at 6:54 pm

The very people my Grandparents fought to keep from appearing on this planet in WWII are now occupying our highest office. We have a Republican selling cookies for the 51st state and you guys are worried about anti-semitism from OCasio? This guy is saying to kill people in public while calling himself a Christian. This is the trash you want representing us? A criminal POTUS that ignores the Constitution. You guys are lost.

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