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Washington State Republican Party and Republican National Committee file motion to intervene against lawsuit attempting to end signature verification laws in Washington State

BELLEVUE – The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) today announced a court filing to intervene against a lawsuit that seeks to undermine the security of Washington elections by removing our election’s signature verification – the only safeguard our elections have to protect our citizens from fraudulent votes.

“Rather than attempt to make changes to the law through the legislature, left-wing groups and their Democrat allies are attempting to do away with the entire verification process through the courts. They have filed a lawsuit attempting to remove signature verification from our election process. This is a blatantly partisan attempt to remove the only security measure our elections have to protect against fraudulent activity,” said Chairman Caleb Heimlich.

Chairman Caleb Heimlich continued, “This is a ludicrous proposition, and we will fight back against this partisan attempt to forever alter our elections. If the Democrats get their way, anyone could fraudulently vote their neighbor’s ballots and county elections departments will have zero recourse to catch the perpetrators. Voter confidence in our elections is already at an all-time low, and if this lawsuit is successful, it will only further diminish confidence in our elections system. Today we, along with the Republican National Committee (RNC), are filing a motion to intervene in this lawsuit and stop this blatant attempt at rigging our state’s elections.”