After last week’s primary results, one thing is clear – we can do this.

The left-wing Seattle media wanted you to believe that Republicans were a lost cause, claiming we were all but finished here in Washington State.  Well, we sure showed them wrong.

We’re poised to flip up to FIVE seats in the State Legislature, take back the 8th congressional district,  are within striking distance on several statewide races from Governor to Lands Commissioner, and it’s all because voters are fed up with what Democrats have done to our state and are ready for swift change.

From Governor Inslee to the Seattle City Council, Democrats have completely abandoned the moderate, reasonable Washingtonian in favor of their radical, far-left base. 

  • Defund the police? Check.
  • Allow criminals to destroy small businesses? Check
  • Force a comprehensive sex ed curriculum into every school? Check.

And there’s more where that came from. Democrats have plans to tax your paycheck, close jails, and continue chipping away at our Second Amendment rights. These reckless policies endanger our communities and hurt our families.

The silver lining is we can win, but I need you to invest in the cause.  It’s not easy reaching over 2 MILLION voters to ensure a strong turn out for our great Republican candidates – but it is possible.

If you pitch in $10, $20, $50, or even $100 we can invest more funding into reaching those voters and flip our state red!

We have 82 days to make it happen, are you in?

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Julie B · August 19, 2020 at 3:46 pm

I signed up today to volunteer for the Republican Party because I feel this election is so important for our country, the leader of the free world. I agree with everything written above and I’m very concerned about the violent revolution taking place in our cities. I am afraid what will happen to our country if Joe Biden is elected.

Why are democrats not addressing the violence in the streets over the past few months, during the Democratic Convention? All this violence in Democratic cities starts with leaders at the top of these cities and states, who are allowing and accommodating it. The government leaders know about it, but many people who don’t watch certain channels, see very little of the violence and destruction and are rather being fed the lie that the police are the problem for the violence.

Many don’t know that statues of our founding fathers, of Ghandi, of an abolitionist, of the WWII Memorial, of Jesus Christ, etc., have been defaced/destroyed. Also, they haven’t heard of all the murders that have happened during these protests/riots and as a result of defunding the police.

We are not a racist nation. People can come here as immigrants with little means and rise to the top. Systemic racism is not true in 2020. It was during the 1960’s, but not now. We’ve had a black president for two terms and there are black leaders in so many fields. If you use the system, if works, if you don’t, because you are convinced the system is against you, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy for failure. Today blacks are being given the message “Why try–because the system is against you.” These false beliefs are the biggest travesty. We need to get rid of curriculums that are indoctrinating our children with untruths. This election is so important for the continuation of America, the leader of the free world.

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