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We Can Win This

After watching this week’s Republican National Convention, there’s one thing we know for sure: we can win this.

Republicans are fired up across the country and we are ready to fight back against the absurd policies we’ve seen from Seattle-style Democrats. 

  • Refusing to follow the will of the voters
  • Chipping away at our Constitutional rights
  • Forcing an awful comprehensive sex education into our schools

…and the list keeps going.

Because of our great supporters, we were able to bring on a new Field Director covering the 8th Congressional District to take back that seat and turn out votes for our great Republican candidates up and down the ticket.

Democrat elected officials are fomenting civil unrest and their far-left base has resorted to assaulting and intimidating anyone who has a different opinion, but thankfully common sense voters see through their schemes.

We’ve made 485,000 phone calls, sent 230,000 text messages, knocked on 65,213 doors, and the only thing holding us back is funding. If you pitch in to help us meet our August month-end goal of $8,000, we will be  able to reach enough voters and grow our grassroots army to get our candidates across the finish line victorious!