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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after Governor Inslee’s state address last night and press conference today.

“Last night, Governor Inslee held a state address where he was going to ‘lay out a plan for Washington state recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak.’ The dictionary defines a plan as ‘a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.’
Governor Inslee’s speech contained no plan. His press conference today still offered no plan. He offered no specific benchmarks, no descriptions of what data or science was required to ease restrictions and no timeline for when things might open up.  Washingtonians are still left wondering when and how we will begin to recover from this crisis.

Meanwhile, House and Senate Republicans have crafted a plan that gets Washington back up and running in a safe manner – and that’s what we need. Many other states including Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon and California have made decisions to loosen their restrictions beyond where Washington State is now.
The Governor needs to take immediate action, allow private construction, allow elective surgeries, allow outdoor recreation activities, and offer a concrete plan as many other states have done to begin safely opening our economy.
Unfortunately, Governor Inslee is continuing with his arbitrary standards that defy logic while demagoguing against President Trump.”