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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement regarding ESD Director Suzi LeVine.

“A former Obama political appointeeDeputy Finance Chair of the Democrat National Committee’s Finance Committee, donor to Jay Inslee, and host of a high-dollar fundraiser for Mayor Pete Buttigieg – Suzi LeVine has no business heading the Washington State Employment Security Department. Washingtonians are literally paying the price for Inslee’s incompetent pick based on political connections.

Instead of taking responsibility when the ESD was called out for ‘vulnerabilities‘, Commissioner LeVine attempted to deflect blame.

Governor Inslee has demonstrated a clear preference for working with political donors and supporters, rather than recruiting the most talented individuals who may offer dissenting perspectives.  He has ignored legislators, mayors and the citizens of Washington State.

Inslee’s pay-to-play style of governance and total lack of accountability is a disgrace to the great people of Washington State. The Inslee Administration has been exposed time after time for their absolute incompetence. He clearly demonstrated during his run for president that his priorities are elsewhere, in this instance it seems ‘governing by phone’ has dire consequences.  It’s time for a change.”