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WSRP Calls on Governor Jay Inslee to end State Worker Vaccine Mandate

BELLEVUE – The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) released the following statement calling on Governor Jay Inslee to end the statewide vaccine mandate and rehire state employees following the end of the Seattle and King County mandates on February 6th. 
“The time is long overdue for Governor Inslee to do the right thing. Governor Inslee should immediately end the vaccine mandate for state employees and rehire the workers that were fired over their personal healthcare decisions,” said WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich. “If Seattle and King County can end their mandates because of updated health guidance, the only thing stopping Governor Inslee from doing so is his own ego.”
Chairman Heimlich continued, “These workers served throughout the pandemic before vaccines were available – putting their own safety aside to save lives during the COVID pandemic. Once these vaccines became available, those who refused vaccination, due to any number of reasons, were thanklessly let go from employment – and the consequences have been dramatic. We have seen the devastating impacts Governor Inslee’s mandates have caused – from a dire shortage of vital healthcare workers, fewer firefighters and police officers, a crumbling ferry system, roads unplowed, and so much more.”
Washington is in dire need of leadership to get us through the numerous crises that are affecting our state and a Governor that is unwilling to correct his own mistakes is the last thing Washington needs to come out on top.