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WSRP Statement on Biden’s Visit to Seattle

BELLEVUE – Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chairman Caleb Heimlich issued the following statement in response to Biden’s planned visit to the Seattle area. 

“President Biden is traveling to Seattle to tout his radical energy agenda and his failed efforts to lower inflation. Washington voters know that the sky-high inflation is a direct result of Biden’s massive federal spending spree – giving him a dismal 42% approval rating in our state. The Biden administration is causing families across the economic spectrum to suffer from 40-year high inflation that is estimated to be costing them an extra $5,200 to purchase the same basket of goods as last year.”

“Biden’s approval rating is dismally low for a historically blue state, yet as Democrats across the country attempt to distance themselves from Biden ahead of the 2022 election, Washington Democrats like Senator Patty Murray and Congresswoman Kim Schrier have been in lock-step with Biden’s unpopular agenda. Neither of them have exercised any independence by pushing back against Biden’s unpopular policies. Kim Schrier just last June acknowledged that the Democrat’s spending agenda was inflationary, in spite of that she has voted 100% with Biden’s agenda.”

“Come November, voters have an excellent opportunity to change the direction our country is headed by electing Tiffany Smiley to the US Senate and a Republican in the 8th Congressional District who will put an end to Biden’s spending spree and bring real common-sense solutions to get our country back on the right track,” Chairman Caleb Heimlich concluded.