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WSRP Statement on Buttigieg and Schrier’s Upcoming Wenatchee Tour

BELLEVUE – The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) released the following statement in response to Rep. Kim Schrier’s upcoming tour with Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg this week in Wenatchee.

“Since day one, President Biden has been hostile to American energy production. It is Biden’s negative rhetoric, combined with his actions, that have caused prices to skyrocket, dried up energy investments across the United States, and fueled the energy sectors of our adversaries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela – and Representative Kim Schrier has just been along for the ride, voting yes on anything and everything put out by Speaker Pelosi or the Biden Administration despite the consequences,” Chairman Heimlich stated.

Chairman Heimlich continued, “Now that those consequences are here, Schrier wants to distance herself from the Biden administration, despite cozying up to another member of the Biden administration today in Wenatchee. Now, despite the consequences, Schrier is requesting that the Biden Administration further drain our already depleted Strategic Oil Reserves to keep gas prices low and help her chances at re-election.”