BELLEVUE — Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chairman Caleb Heimlich issued the following response to the draft Congressional District maps that were released today by the Redistricting Commission:

“Electoral competition is a vital element in the spirit and the laws governing our state’s redistricting process. I am proud that our Republican Commissioners have taken healthy competition into account when releasing their draft maps. Competitive districts give voters more choices, make candidates work harder, and are better for the people of Washington State. Unfortunately, the Democrat-appointed Commissioners released maps that are the least competitive maps in Washington State history – completely undermining our state’s redistricting laws and attempting to guarantee a 7D-3R split for the next decade. Washington has one of the most bipartisan redistricting systems in the country and Democrats are making a mockery of it. The Democrats are not making good faith efforts at redistricting, they are engaging in a hyper-partisan illegal gerrymandering effort to rig elections for perpetual majorities.”


Candy Rose · October 2, 2021 at 1:28 am

I moved away from Washington because it was an ongoing building of a place I did not want to stay anymore. I saw Dino Rossi get thrown under the bus with the “Lost ballots” (yeah right…lost?} Then Seattle went into the garbage dump and I never returned to what use to be a beautiful place to visit. The crooked media there? Thank goodness Dan Lewis got out at the best time. He had integrity and would never lie to the public like they do now. I live now in a free country and sad to see that who is in now has ruined the future of it. I’m glad I am 70 because I know where it is going unless they get the Donald back. What a nightmare you all have now and there just letting it happen. All the people. You need the Hippies back! We knew how to get things done or OPEN.

Dianne e Capps · October 23, 2021 at 11:56 am

Mr. Johnson; Thanks for the way you worded the redistricting of Washington: hyper-partisan illegal gerrymandering Love it.

What is worrisome to us in Eastern Washington is this: We have a movement of highly Organized illegals, coming from all countries. this is also an election Steal. These people are coordinated to vote for Biden. I notice our election laws say No illegals voting. What are you doing to make sure they don’t? By Mail? do you have a list, or can you get one of names of illegals who cross the border? Thank you, Dianne E Capps Precinct officer

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