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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement regarding Governor Inslee’s second poll in 2020.

“Washingtonians are clearly frustrated with Governor Inslee and are ready for a new leader. The latest KING5 poll shows Inslee’s approval numbers at a paltry 41% – this must annoy the governor as his ratings are significantly lower than President Trump’s latest approval ratings nationwide. The poll comes less than one month after the Crosscut/Elway poll showed Inslee with only a 40% positive rating and a whopping 57% negative rating.”

“Voters have watched homelessness, drug abuse, and violent crime get exponentially worse while Inslee has focused on his own career and his vanity run for the White House. Washingtonians are tired of Inslee’s lies and empty promises, we need leaders who will put solving our problems front and center – and come November voters will have the chance to send Inslee and the rest of the self-serving Democrats packing.”