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WSRP Statement on Kim Schrier’s Latest Campaign Ad

BELLEVUE – Today, the Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chairman Caleb Heimlich released the following statement in response to Representative Kim Schrier’s (WA-08) most recent campaign ad:

“Joe Biden must be polling terribly in Washington’s 8th Congressional District. In her most recent ad, Rep. Kim Schrier claims to be “taking on the Biden administration” to deliver gas tax relief for Washington residents. This is a  dishonest and desperate response to voter’s frustration with this administration’s policies and the resulting sky-high inflation and sky-rocketing gas prices.”

“Rep. Kim Schrier’s voting record is 100% in line with the Biden administration and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. There is nothing in her record that indicates she is “taking on the Biden administration.” Rep. Kim Schrier remains one of this administration’s biggest cheerleaders, walking hand-in-hand with Biden during his recent trip to the Seattle area.”

“If Rep. Kim Schrier truly wanted to take on the Biden administration and bring lower gas prices to the citizens she represents, she would be fighting to bring back American energy independence and pushing for an all of the above energy strategy, not supporting the very policies that have caused this mess in the first place.”