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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement about the 2020 Governor’s race.

“It’s clear from the results of the November election that voters are frustrated with Governor Inslee. He ran for office promising to stop tax increases but has broken that promise at every turn over the last seven years – and just this year, he signed nearly $3 BILLION of new taxes into law. Washingtonians overwhelmingly voted to repeal most of those taxes, approved re-instating $30 car tabs, and rejected the carbon tax last year that Inslee campaigned for aggressively. Inslee does not represent the values of Washingtonians.

We look forward to a robust Primary campaign where Republican candidates offer real solutions to out-of-control homelessness, the horrendous traffic that takes time from our families, our failing mental health system, and the worsening opioid epidemic. Voters are frustrated that, from the Governor’s office on down, Democrats in this state refuse to listen to the voters.  When voters make decisions that the liberal ruling class dislikes, they ignore it or sue to overturn it. That’s not the way government should work. In 2020, the voters have an opportunity to take our state back.”