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Oct, 25 2016

Outrageous actions of liberal judges make it easy to vote right this year.  Here’s what you need to know: In 2009, an Ephrata man was arrested for possession of child pornography — the evidence was on his computer.  He was convicted, but in 2015 liberal Judge George Fearing overturned the conviction on appeal. The case […]

Oct, 25 2016

From WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison – an excerpt from the WSRP Video Voters’ Guide: “There are five initiatives on the ballot and here is my strong advice.  A good rule of thumb for the initiatives this year—Vote NO.  Remember, the devil is in the details and while an initiative has a nice title and explanation, […]

Oct, 24 2016

Need help completing your ballot? Wondering how to vote on the state candidates, judges, initiatives, and more? Fill out your ballot, step by step, as you watch this informative and handy 8-minute WSRP Video Voter’s Guide. To watch the video, click on the image below Here’s an example of the great advice in this video: […]

Oct, 21 2016

Bellevue, October 21 – State GOP Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement today: “Nearly 40% of money for Democrat State Senator Cyrus Habib’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor comes from out-of-state donors.  Among them is Pirooz Parvarandeh of Los Altos Hills, California.  Parvarandeh is a board member of the American Iranian Council (AIC), a group […]

Oct, 20 2016

A message from WSRP Political Director Jake Braunger…. We need you! As a citizen, YOU can help ensure the integrity of our state’s November 8th election. Volunteer observers from both political parties are needed at election ballot counting sites as added assurance of oversight and accountability.  No prior experience is required and training is available […]




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