Four Ways YOU Can Help Elect Republicans!

We’re just four weeks away from the August 5 Primary Election.  There is reason for optimism in Washington state – there are many excellent Republican candidates at both the congressional and state legislative levels.  Republicans are taking the offensive, and our goals are to increase majority control in the State Senate, increase GOP presence in the State House, and flip one or two congressional seats from Democrat to Republican.  Here are four ways you can help defeat Democrats and elect Republicans:
#1 – VOLUNTEER: We’re looking for volunteers to help with data entry; mailings; answering phones; making phone calls; and doorbelling for Republican candidates.  To get involved, CLICK HERE
#2 – FOLLOW the WSRP on Twitter: Help spread the Republican message and candidates.  Let your voice be heard!  Rapid response to the arguments of Obama, Inslee, DelBene, and their supporters.  No longer can the Democrats dictate the terms of the debate!  To follow us on Twitter, CLICK HERE
#3 – LIKE the WSRP on Facebook:  Get the most-up-to-date information directly from the WSRP Facebook page.  Discuss important issues, promote Republican events, and engage with fellow Republicans.  Recommend the WSRP Facebook page to your friends – it’s a great way for voters to get immediate access to accurate political information (instead of relying on the biased mainstream media).  To “like” us on Facebook, CLICK HERE
#4 – JOIN the GRASSROOTS CLUB: Only $8.25 per month!  Your donation to the Grassroots Club will make sure there is a steady stream of funds to cover the costs of electing Republicans. CLICK HERE to join!

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