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Since February 29th of 2020, Governor Inslee has been ruling our state with unchecked emergency powers.

Our Constitution created a representative form of government. The people’s representatives are intended to legislate. Our system is not designed for one man to make unilateral, arbitrary decisions for 600 days and counting, governing every area of life for over 7 million Washingtonians. We are already seeing the consequences of this one-man rule as state services are crumbling and crime is skyrocketing.

Listen to Chairman Caleb Heimlich as he discusses the latest breaking political and policy news happening in Washington State, with legislators, policymakers, and other elected officials.

Radical Democrats in the State Legislature pushed poorly written, anti-policing bills through a hyper-partisan process, despite numerous objections from Police Chiefs and Sheriffs along with Republican Legislators that offered amendments to improve these flawed bills. It is no surprise that less than 24 hours after these laws went into effect that we have seen an increase in crime. Sign the petition and tell lawmakers to fix these misguided bills!

We’ve crunched the numbers and for every person that joins the Grassroots Club, we can recruit and train SEVEN NEW ACTIVISTS to help us win in 2021.

We know we can win in 2021, but we can’t let off the gas!

“This is a crass political move by Governor Inslee to help pass his radical liberal agenda by removing an obstacle from the State Senate. This is yet another poor appointment by a man who has a long history of making picks based on politics that hurt our state, such as Suzi LeVine.” – WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich.