Spokane Convention Center

Spokane, WA | April 18th - 20th

Questions about the 2024 State Convention in April?

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What is the 2024 State Convention?


The State Convention is a pivotal event in the political calendar of the Washington State Republican Party. It’s a significant gathering of Party delegates from across the state, who come together to define the Party’s platform, elect Party leadership, elect national delegates, presidential electors, and now also endorse candidates for statewide and federal offices.

Delegates at the State Convention are entrusted with multiple responsibilities. They deliberate and vote on a range of issues crucial to the direction and success of our Party. These discussions shape our Party’s policies and priorities across a spectrum of issues that face our state and country.

A new, and essential, role of the delegates at the State Convention is to endorse candidates for significant positions such as Governor, U.S. Senate, Congress, and other statewide offices. Candidates who earn an endorsement at the State Convention receive the comprehensive backing, resources, and infrastructure of the Washington State Republican Party, along with our partner organizations.

In addition, the State Convention is responsible for selecting delegates to represent Washington State at the National Convention. These chosen individuals carry the collective voice of our Party to the national stage, playing an integral role in selecting our Party’s Presidential nominee.

At its core, the State Convention is about unity. It’s about bringing together diverse voices under shared principles and goals. It’s about rallying behind our endorsed candidates and working collectively to secure Republican victories in the forthcoming elections. It’s about signaling to Republicans across Washington State that unity – in our time, donations, and votes – is our path to victory in 2024 and beyond.

2024 State Convention: What to Expect


The 2024 State Convention promises to be an exciting and engaging event for all attendees. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect:

Vendor Booths: Explore a diverse array of vendor booths at the Convention. These booths will feature campaign materials, political literature, merchandise, local and national businesses, and more. This is a great opportunity to learn about new initiatives, collect resources, and support businesses and organizations that align with our values.

Thursday Training Seminars: Learn from political experts on a range of topics including Grassroots activism, managing campaigns, contacting voters, policy seminars, messaging workshops and more!

Thursday Night Welcome Reception: Kick off the 2024 State Convention in style at our Thursday night Welcome Reception! Join us on April 18th for an evening of refreshments, light snacks, and mingling with fellow conservatives. Come and meet our candidates and engage with Party officials from across Washington State. You won’t want to miss this festive start to a momentous weekend! Your journey towards victory in 2024 begins here!

Lunches: Join us for daily luncheons during the State Convention, featuring a selection of boxed meals and guest speakers from across Washington State. Our speakers will cover a variety of issues affecting our state. These luncheons are an excellent opportunity to fuel up, gain insights, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Friday Night Banquet: Don’t miss our grand Friday Night Banquet, a highlight of the State Convention! On April 19th, come celebrate with fellow Republicans and be inspired by a keynote speech from National leaders. This is an event you won’t want to miss, as we dine, connect, and rally for a victorious 2024!

Congressional District Break-Out Sessions: With 10 Congressional Districts in Washington State, these break-out sessions provide an opportunity for delegates and attendees to gather with others from their respective districts. These sessions offer a more intimate setting for in-depth discussions about district-specific issues, strategies, and candidate endorsements. These focused meetings will allow you to connect and network with fellow Republicans from your district, fostering a sense of community and purpose.

State Convention: This is the heart of the weekend meeting. This is where the serious work gets done. During this meeting, attendees will participate in critical activities such as candidate endorsements for statewide and federal offices, passing the party platform and resolutions, and choosing delegates to represent Washington State at the National Convention. This session is crucial for shaping the future direction of our Party both at the state and national level.

At the 2024 State Convention, you’ll also get to hear from guest speakers, meet party officials and candidates, and contribute to the selection of our future leaders. The Convention is where we celebrate our shared principles and chart the course for the future.

Prepare for an engaging experience – we can’t wait to see you there!

2024 State Convention: Key Dates


Mark your calendars! The road to the 2024 elections is filled with pivotal events, providing opportunities for every member of the Washington State Republican Party to engage, participate, and make a difference. Here are the key dates you need to know:

County Conventions – January 20 – March 16, 2024 (exact dates to be determined by individual counties): Elected delegates from the precinct caucuses will gather at their respective County Conventions. Here, they will elect delegates to the State Convention and address county-specific issues. Some of the larger counties, like King County, will hold caucuses in your legislative district instead of holding one massive countywide convention; whichever one your county is doing will be communicated to you at your January precinct caucuses, if not sooner.

State Convention – April 18-20, 2024: At the State Convention, delegates from across Washington will come together to endorse candidates for state and federal offices, adopt the party platform, and select delegates to represent Washington at the National Convention. This event will play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the Party for the upcoming elections.

National Convention – July 15-18, 2024: Chosen delegates will then attend the National Convention, where they will participate in the selection of the Party’s Presidential nominee, helping shape the national platform, and strategizing for the General Election.

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