Become a Republican PCO!

2022 Candidate Filing Week: May 16 – May 20

What is a PCO?

PCOs, or Precinct Committee Officers, are the backbone of the Washington State Republican Party. They are republican party representatives of their precinct. Precincts can include just one apartment complex, a few city blocks, or large rural areas. PCOs help share the Republican message with neighbors, help inform their neighbors about candidates and upcoming ballot measures, and ensure their neighbors are casting their ballots and supporting Republican victories at the precinct level.

PCOs are volunteers, yet they form the base of our party. PCOs are responsible for electing Republican Party County Chairman, Republican Legislative District Chairs, and Republican Party officers. Even more importantly, Republican PCOs are also responsible for appointing Republican state legislators within their own districts when they retire before the end of their term.

PCOs also have a voice as to what issues and candidates the party should oppose or endorse. Being a PCO of the party comes with opportunities to meet and interview candidates, meet with Republican elected officials, and debate serious issues facing our community. These debates then translate to action – spreading our message to your neighbors and increasing vote totals so Republicans and our issues can WIN at the ballot box.

If you are considering running for elected office, then serving first as a PCO offers you great ‘on-the-job’ training, the opportunity to make inroads with your community, and learn from successful Republican candidates how to run and manage a successful campaign.  It is also an excellent networking opportunity to meet and work with other Republican activists near you!

If you are the only person to file as a PCO in your precinct, you will automatically ‘win’ the election. When two or more candidates file to run in the same precinct, the election will appear on the ballots of those living within your precinct, and the candidate with the most votes will become the official PCO. If you do not win your election, or miss filing week, you can still be appointed to become PCO of your precinct (if there is currently no elected PCO) or the PC (Precinct Captain) of a neighboring (empty) precinct if your precinct currently has a PCO representing them.

How do you become a PCO?

PCOs are elected to 2-year terms in the August Primary of even-numbered years. To become a PCO you need to file to run as a PCO with your County Auditor. This year, candidate filing runs from May 16th at 9 AM continuously through May 20, 2022 at 4 PM. File to become a PCO during this time-frame!