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Congressional Republicans ask the WA State Legislature to consider serious reforms to Basic K-12 Education

Bellevue – Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) and Congressman Dan Newhouse (R) expressed support in a joint-statement for the WAGOP’s plan to Save Basic Education in the state: “This has become a fundamental mission of the Republican Party and should be a fundamental mission of our country in order to remain a strong and prosperous nation. We are proud to stand with the WAGOP and Chairman Jim Walsh in support of this plan.”

The Republican members of congress further commented: “The Governor and Legislative Democrats here in Washington State embody an unfortunate trend reflective of the Democrat party and in the Biden Administration: A lack of focus on basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills being taught to our students, public attacks on parents who try to raise concerns at school board meetings, and school districts that dictate to teachers how best to educate students in their classrooms.”

The principles of the WAGOP plan to Save Basic Education (read more details): Focus on Kids, Engage Parents, and Empower Teachers.

A fresh approach to our state’s basic education system couldn’t come at a more pivotal time following last week’s ruling in Wahkiakum School District v. Washington. WA Democrats and appointed judges have determined that the state is not obligated to help provide quality facilities and resources for low-income rural counties with crumbling schools.

With increasing data on poor student proficiency in basic subjects, the mass exodus of students out of the public school system, and the tens of millions of dollars in debt that school districts are running up, there is more than enough evidence for legislative Democrats to take a serious look at major reforms to Basic K-12 Education in our state. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) and Rep. Dan Newhouse (R) continued, Washington Republicans are committed to delivering a high-quality, uniform basic education to all children. To do this, the state government must change the way it funds and manages public education.”

In final remarks of the joint-statement, the members of Congress went onto to echo “We need to save high-quality basic education in our state. If voters agree, then they need a Republican majority in Olympia to get that job done. Republicans will fight for our students. The last two decades of one-party Democrat rule has failed our students.”