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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement after Governor Inslee postponed all future transportation projects following the passage of I-976.

“Instead of listening to the voters, Governor Inslee and the Democrats are working to punish them. Inslee’s decision to postpone existing transportation projects is fear mongering, plain and simple. The people of Washington State pay the 3rd highest gas tax in the country, and the vast majority of revenue from car tabs fund multi modal transportation projects including buses and trains, not the transportation projects Inslee has unnecessarily halted. This is a political stunt aimed at punishing voters who disagree with him.”

In 2002, after a court challenge overturned the initiative, Governor Gary Locke and the legislature listened to the voters and acted quickly to codify $30 car tabs into law. That’s how representative government should work. Our elected officials should represent the will of the voters. Today’s Democratic leadership and Governor Inslee are more interested in forcing their ideology on the voters than listening to them. It’s time for change.”