The 2021 Legislative Session is up and running and Republicans have already set up bills to push a positive agenda by limiting Governor Inslee’s emergency powers, lowering property taxes and establishing a working family tax credit to help hardworking Washingtonians who were financially devastated by Governor Inslee’s shutdown.
We are also preparing to push back against the Democrats’ far-left agenda to implement a state income tax and a low-carbon fuel standard that will raise the price of gas and our home utility costs.

Check out our resources below to:

  1. Contact your Legislator
  2. Testify on bills
  3. Join one of our Republican Unity Network (RUN) teams or,
  4. Pitch in to help our local Republican candidates across the state!


Find Your Legislative District

The most important part of this year’s session is you. Click here to look up your State Representatives and here to contact them to help make sure Republican values are represented in Olympia!


Have Your Voice Heard

Testifying on bills is one of the best ways to engage with our State Government, click here to learn more on how to testify during the 2021 Legislative Session!

  • SB 5096, Capital Gains Income Tax – click here to read more
  • SB 5114, Safely Reopen Washington – click here to read more
  • SB 5039, Limiting the Governor’s Emergency Powers – click here to read more
  • HB 1234, Ban weapons in state capitol buildings – click here to read more
  • HB 1229, Outlaw sale or possession of assault weapons – click here to read more
  • SB 5037, Establishing transparent school opening metrics – click here to read more
  • HB 1215, Providing parents and children with more choices for K-12 education – click here to read more


Get Involved, Make An Impact

2021 is a loaded year for local races and we are working hard for our great Republican Candidates running for School Boards, County Council, and everything in between, but we need all hands on deck. Click here to Join a Republican Unity Network (RUN) team near you!


Help Build Our Bench

Click here to pitch in and help our 2021 local candidates – we’re building a bench and working to get great Republican candidates elected from School Board to City Councils and we need all the help we can get!