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Our THIRD ad

If you saw the WA Gubernatorial Debate last night, you saw that Jay Inslee is anti-business.  From weaponizing the Department of Labor and Industries to fine small businesses to his most recent failure which led Boeing to move nearly 1,000 jobs out of state, we cannot afford four more years of this.

More than 1,300 businesses have closed permanently and there is no end in sight to Inslee’s economic disaster. That’s why we’re producing a THIRD ad to show hard working Washingtonians that Jay Inslee and fellow Democrats are bad for business.

We’ll be unveiling our new ad next week, but need your help for our next ad buy. Aside from the $6,500 production cost, we have to raise enough money to get our ad in prime time TV.  That way, people from Spokane to Seattle understand exactly what’s at stake and why everyone must vote for Loren Culp and fellow Republicans this election.

Can I count on you to pitch in $10, $25, or even $100 to help us place our next TV ad?  And don’t forget that we’re doing a 2x matching gift from now until Election Day so your donation counts as double!