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Silencing Conservative Voices

Conservative and Republican censorship is alive and well with only 14 days until the election. 

After being explicitly told by Facebook back in April that we were not allowed to run any ads on their platform, we come to find out that the Washington State Democrats have had no problem getting their ads up.

State Democrats have set up a system to silence their opposition – plain and simple. Bob Ferguson has aggressively sued Facebook, Twitter, and Google in an effort to stop Republicans from spreading their message across the state.  Now, we find out that State Democrats have been running Facebook ads to benefit Ferguson, Inslee, and their fellow Democrats on the ballot in November.

It’s clear that we’re playing by a different set of rules. From the State Supreme Court suppressing the people’s vote on $30 car tabs to this blatant attempt to silence Republican voices, Democrats and their supporters in big tech are trying to rig the election.

We have two weeks to spread the word.  Pitch in $10, $25, $50 or even $100 so we can ramp up our digital and TV ad buys for the final stretch and let’s fight back against the hypocritical Democrats and their big tech censors!