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The WAGOP Celebrates the Passing of Three Common-Sense Initiatives into Law—a Major Win for Washingtonians and the People’s Voice

Bellevue—On the same day that the United States Supreme Court delivered a unanimous victory to former President Donald Trump, due process, and the rule of law—the Washington State Republican Party (WAGOP) is celebrating the passage of three common-sense initiatives into law.

“This is a great day for everyone in Washington,” says WAGOP Chairman Jim Walsh, the author of all Six Initiatives to the Legislature. Three of which are now law in Washington state. The three initiatives that should have also received public hearings, as mandated by the Washington State Constitution, but did not, will instead, appear on the ballot for the General Election in November 2024.

Politics aside, the policy fixes that the Legislature just voted into law will have a positive and dramatic effect on all Washingtonians.

“Restoring reasonable police pursuits of criminals and criminal suspects will lower crime rates. Establishing parental notification rights will support healthier and happier kids—and better school performance. And codifying Washington’s longstanding tradition of opposing any state tax on personal income will help working families and local economies,” adds Chairman Walsh.

“When common-sense Republican policies lead the way, things get better for everyone,” emphasizes Chairman Walsh. “The WAGOP thanks the Democrat legislators and elected officials who’ve joined us in supporting these critical initiatives. Working together, we will continue to fix what’s broken in Washington. This is just the start, of course. There’s much more work to do. Other problems to fix. But, for the moment, let’s celebrate these significant wins.”

On Jan. 9, 2024, Secretary of State Steve Hobbs sent official notification to the Legislature that six initiatives to the Legislature had been granted provisional certification.

Washingtonians, collectively, turned in nearly 2.7 million signatures on six common sense initiatives to fix what’s broken in WA state, under one-party Democrat rule. The tide, it seems, is turning.

To reiterate: The WAGOP believes that all Six Initiatives to the Legislature should have received public hearings, as described in Article II of the Washington State Constitution. Instead, Olympia Democrats agreed to hold hearings for the three initiatives that they feel will limit their money-grabs from WA taxpayers the least.

Democrat lawmakers declined to hold public hearings on I-2117, a repeal of the egregious cap-and trade scheme, officially known as the Climate Commitment Act; I-2109, a repeal of the capital gains tax; and I-2124, an opt-out of Washington’s disastrous long-term care retirement program. Washington voters will see those initiatives on the general-election ballot this November—where a simple majority support makes them state law.

This is why our vigilance must not wane.