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WSRP Launches

BELLEVUE – The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) has launched to highlight Senator Patty Murray’s actions that have led to skyrocketing gas prices, 40-year high inflation, and dropping real wages. WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich gave the following statement upon the site’s launch:

“For the past 30 years, Senator Patty Murray has skirted by the voters with no real accountability. This isn’t going to happen anymore. Patty has fully committed herself to the Biden administration and its policies, with Biden himself calling Murray his boss. It is time for Patty Murray to be held accountable for her actions, like her THREE votes against expanding the child tax credit – a measure that has helped middle-class families raise their kids.”

Chairman Heimlich continued, “If Patty Murray had had her way, Washington families would be receiving $1500 less per month, per child in tax credits.  When it comes to looking out for the best interests of her constituents, Patty Murray is all talk and no action!”