DEADLINE: Midnight

We have less than 4 hours to hit our goal and we’re still short by $2,390.  I know it’s Halloween but let’s be real – the

The Final Hours

Tonight at midnight is our October deadline and we’re still $6,295 away from our month-end goal. Can I count on you to donate $20 right

Are You In Or Are You Out?

As we’re heading into the final weekend of the 2020 campaign season we need every Republican on board. We have volunteer events scheduled until Election Day, so click

Still Short…

I’m going to get right to it – we’re still over $12,000 away from our month-end fundraising goal and if we don’t hit it, then

1 Week Checklist

With today marking exactly 1 week until Election Day, I wanted to make sure all the boxes were checked on your 2020 Election Checklist! ☐ Do you know who you

The GOP Coming To An End?

Washington State Democrats are at it again – talking about crushing their opposition and putting an end to the Republican Party.  Just take a look

The Final Stretch

Election Day is around the corner and we need all hands on deck so pitch in $5, $10, $20 or more today – hear more from Chairman

Silencing Conservative Voices

Conservative and Republican censorship is alive and well with only 14 days until the election.  After being explicitly told by Facebook back in April that

Jay Inslee Is Bad For Business

Jay Inslee’s forced shutdowns and reckless policies have resulted in record unemployment and a record number of businesses closing permanently. Now, in order to save jobs,