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Cyrus Habib Mocking Voters

I’m sure you have seen the news this week about the 1,000+ fake ids from across the state that flooded Olympia to testify against Democrats’ latest attempt to take more money out of the pockets of taxpayers.

Now, Democrats like Cyrus Habib, the Lt. Governor, have resorted to outright mocking those who are worried about their livelihoods and blatantly diminishing the serious concerns of small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Sadly, this arrogant, liberal elitism has become a mainstay of the Democrats’ agenda and their war on hardworking Washingtonians.

Republicans applaud these grassroots efforts and stand in support of these brave individuals who are making their voices heard and holding their elected officials accountable!

Call Lt. Gov. Habib at (360) 786-7700 and your legislator today, and tell them to support their hardworking constituents by opposing all reckless efforts to raise taxes!