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Democrats Are Out Of Control

Washington State Democrats are completely out of control.

ALL SEVEN members of the Washington Democrats’ Congressional delegation have made it clear that they’re going to fall right in line with Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the rest of the radical Left in supporting the unfounded impeachment of our President. 

Democratic Representatives like Kim Schrier, Suzan DelBene, Denny Heck, and Derek Kilmer are following the same playbook as Jay Inslee and Seattle Democrats – if you don’t like the results of the election, ignore it! From impeachment to lawsuits to overturn $30 car tabs, Washington State Democrats are trying desperately to call all the shots, whether you like it or not. 

This entire impeachment charade has been a gigantic loss for the American people and even worse, it’s a dangerous and frightening foreshadowing of the future of our Republic. If you can, please contribute $10 or $20 right now so we can replace these wildly out of touch Democrats in 2020!