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Highest Gas Prices in the Nation

BELLEVUE – The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) raises grave concerns as fuel prices in Washington State have surged to the highest in the nation, burdening our residents with costs that outstrip the rest of the country.

“Washingtonians are shouldering an unfair burden for the state’s backwards policy attempt to lower emissions,” says WSRP Executive Director Brady Batt. “We’ve observed an alarming trend – while fuel prices nationwide stagnate or even decrease slightly, our state’s costs continue to sky-rocket.”

The driving factor is the state’s new cap-and-trade carbon tax program started by Democrats through legislation passed in 2021. Implemented at the start of this year, it is believed to have significantly contributed to the hike in fuel prices. “There’s a stark correlation between the implementation of the carbon tax and the sharp rise in fuel costs,” Batt adds.

The WSRP is calling for a reevaluation of current policies and urging state leaders to prioritize the needs of Washington residents. “It’s time for action.” said Executive Director Brady Batt. “People driving to work to put food on the family table deserve fair fuel prices, and we’re committed to advocating for policies that reflect that.”