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Washington State Republican Party Elects Rep. Jim Walsh as Chairman

Brady Batt
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Washington State Republican Party elects Jim Walsh for Chairman
BELLEVUE –  The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) proudly announces the election of State Representative Jim Walsh as the next Washington State Republican Party Chairman. Chairman Walsh was elected on Saturday, August 12 by a vote of 95-15 at the WSRP’s Summer State Committee meeting in Olympia. With a strong organizational foundation already built by outgoing Chairman Caleb Heimlich, Chairman Walsh is set to lead our party to victory in the crucial 2024 elections and beyond.
Chairman Walsh is a respected figure statewide with a strong track record in the Republican Party and State Legislature, embodying the values and principles that the WSRP stands for – individual freedom, responsible and transparent government, and solutions that protect and provide prosperity for all citizens. His election promises a new era of robust leadership and strategic guidance for our party.
“Jim Walsh is an exceptional representative and community leader who has a proven track record of winning tough battles, including flipping Legislative District 19 from a Democrat stronghold since the days of FDR, into a Republican stronghold built on a variety of voting coalitions says WSRP Executive Director Brady Batt. “I’m confident in his abilities to build successful programs and trust with the members of our party, just as he has done with the voters of his district.”
In his acceptance speech, Chairman Walsh remarked, “We have a tremendous opportunity to show the people of Washington State that there is a better path forward, that the state government currently representing them in Olympia has failed them and their families time and time again through rampant crime in their cities, crumbling educational standards in their schools, and an attack on their personal property and incomes.”

Walsh said that his first priorities as Chairman will include: building the WSRP’s campaign infrastructure, restoring people’s enthusiasm for and confidence in state elections, and offering a political and philosophical home to Washington voters who have had enough of unconstitutional overreach in Olympia and D.C. “We’re going to reach out to all people of goodwill in this state, including people you might not think of as ‘traditional’ Republicans,” he told the WSRP State Committee. “I don’t believe people are Republicans or Democrats. People are people. They just vote one way or the other. And, here in Washington, they’re ready to vote the other way.”

The Washington State Republican Party looks forward to this new chapter of leadership for our organization, and to the coming elections that provide citizens the opportunity to move our state in a better direction.