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Jay Inslee: Failure

The response we received from our first ad was overwhelming – thank you for the support!  Today, we are thrilled to release our SECOND ad highlighting the failures we’ve seen from the Inslee administration.

Families are hurting, businesses are suffering, and it is all because of our failed Governor Jay Inslee. We already made our first ad buy to reach hundreds of thousands of voters across the state and YOU can help us with our second ad buy if you pitch in $10 or $25 to keep it on the air!

Nigerian scammers stole over $650 MILLION of taxpayer money because of the incompetent management of Governor Inslee and the Democrat mega-donor he appointed to head the Employment Security Department. For 11 weeks, 81,000 Washingtonians waited for their first unemployment check.

It’s not just disrespectful to the people, it’s an utter disgrace to the office of the Governor.

The liberal media has buried this story. With every $10 you contribute, our ads will be seen by 50 voters so they know the truth about Incompetent Inslee. That’s why I need you to watch the ad, pitch in $25, $50, or even $100 and help us turn Washington State RED!