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Jay Inslee For Governor?

Just the other day when Jay Inslee was asked about his timeline for deciding to run for a third term as Governor, he told Politico, “I have not established any particular day. The presumption is, if I was not chosen to help the country, I will maintain a healthy state of Washington.”

For the last 8 months, Inslee has been traveling the country, promoting his failed agenda on his vanity run for the White House and now he thinks he can just walk back into Washington State for a third term?!


Inslee has ignored the hardworking Washingtonians who have endured his historic tax increases and the largest growth in government spending the state has ever seen – all because he wanted to apply for a new job.  Let that sink in for a minute, our Governor has been traveling on the taxpayers dime to the tune of $4 million in taxpayer-funded expenses and blatantly refusing to do his job.  Would your boss let you do that?

Jay Inslee’s entitled attitude and delusions of grandeur are making him vulnerable. We’re putting boots on the ground right now and  have trained more than 2,000 activists who are already out knocking on doors and making phone calls.  2020 will be a rude awakening for Democrats – Washingtonians are fed up with the direction our state is going and it’s time we fought back.  If you contribute $20 to our efforts, our next governor can be a Republican and have Republican majorities in the State House and State Senate to get the work done.

Let’s win this together!