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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement in regards to Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Kim Schrier, and fellow Democrats delaying the valuable USMCA trade deal.

“Rep. Kim Schrier and her fellow Congressional Democrats are playing politics and hurting people in our state. The USMCA was negotiated a year ago this week, and the Democrat-controlled House still hasn’t acted on it.  Democrats are obstructing an agreement that will result in 176,000 jobs and $68 billion to the US economy.”

“Right here in Washington State, our farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses would greatly benefit from the passage of the USMCA, but Kim Schrier is busy supporting Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda.”

“Rep. Kim Schrier would rather focus her energy on an unpopular impeachment inquiry than do her job and pass legislation that would greatly benefit her constituents.”