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Schrier Is Underwater

New polling has come out this week showing that Congresswoman Kim Schrier (Democrat – WA-08) is underwater with voters – she is losing in the 8th Congressional District by 4 percent against a generic Republican!

The main reason? Voters know that Rep. Schrier is a steadfast supporter of Joe Biden’s radical agenda. In fact, she already voted for the $3.5 TRILLION socialist spending package, despite acknowledging that flooding the economy with irresponsible government spending is causing a rapid rise in inflation. This means higher prices at the gas pumps and grocery stores for Schrier’s constituents, but she doesn’t care. Rather than representing her constituents, Rep. Schrier is a rubber stamp vote for Nancy Pelosi and AOC. All Kim Schrier wants to do is further the radical Democrat agenda.

In swing districts across the country, Democrats are running behind Republican challengers including in Washington State’s 8th District. Now, we need to do our part to take our country back by flipping Congress and firing Nancy Pelosi – Chip in $5, $10, or $15 to help us defeat Kim SchrierYou can also meet the Republican candidates running to replace her by purchasing tickets to our Annual Dinner here!