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Washington State Republican Party elects Rep. Jim Walsh for Chairman

Washington State Republican Party elects Rep. Jim Walsh for Chairman

By a vote of 95-15, Rep. Jim Walsh has been elected to lead our party back to victory in Washington State. The overwhelming support received by Chairman Walsh has already helped unify our party towards our shared goal, winning at the ballot box and bringing prosperity back to our great state.

Chairman Walsh is already a proven winner.  By flipping a legislative district that was once considered a Democrat stronghold and is now considered a Republican stronghold, Jim Walsh knows what it takes to pro-actively spread our conservative message and inspire activists and voters to take action.

Chairman Walsh is already a proven champion of the grassroots conservative. There is no public servant in our state who has traveled to more towns and cities, gone to more local meetings and big events, and who has taken the microphone more times than him in Olympia to stand up for you. He is an exceptional representative of his constituency and the strongest possible advocate you can have fighting for your freedoms and prosperity.

In his acceptance speech to our Republican State Committee, Chairman Walsh remarked “We are going to reach out to all people of goodwill in this state, including people you might not think of as ‘traditional’ Republicans. I don’t believe a person just living their life is a Republican or Democrat. People are people. They just vote one way or the other. And, here in Washington, they’re ready to vote the other way.”

Below are several of Chairman Walsh’s first priorities for our party:

–  Build the WSRP campaign infrastructure to fight in every race and every district and yield no vote to the other side.

– Identify and support dozens of School Board races to victory this year and make a positive impact in our failing education system right now!

–  Restore people’s enthusiasm for and confidence in our state elections, and develop Republican ballot harvesting methods to surpass WA Democrats.

–  Launch a pro-active and issues-focused media campaign to reboot the party’s brand, and offer a political and philosophical home to voters who have had enough of the unconstitutional overreach in Olympia and D.C.

–  Attend weekly and monthly meetings of our legislative districts and county parties to receive feedback from the grassroots, while helping our local party leaders energize and activate our members and supporters across the state.


Please keep a look out in the coming days for communications from Chairman Jim Walsh and our team as we start implementing the Chairman’s plans for victory. Sign up to our email list at and stay informed.


We at the Washington State Republican Party are excited for this next chapter with Chairman Jim Walsh, and we are committed to building a pro-active grassroots organization that brings victory back to our party in this great state.

With your partnership,

Brady Batt
Executive Director
Washington State Republican Party