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BELLEVUE – “The people of Washington State are frustrated- frustrated by a Governor who is irrationally politicizing a crisis and selecting industries to keep open based on his own arbitrary biases. There is no doubt that we need to take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously and that we all need to take measures to prevent it’s spread. It is also becoming clear that Governor Jay Inslee is unwilling to consider any of the safe and logical steps presented to him to help ease the economic burden on Washingtonians during these unprecedented times.
After three weeks, he still inexplicably refuses to allow private construction to go back to work, while simultaneously allowing public construction to continue. This unfairly hurts people that work in construction and also those in need of housing. Inslee has the ability to put the construction industry safely back to work but won’t.
The Governor has closed down fishing, hiking, golf, and other recreational activities that are allowed in many other states because they can be done with very little risk of COVID-19 spread. These activities can be an important means to improve and maintain mental health, yet Inslee will not take this commonsense measure to allow them to continue.
Perhaps most frustratingly, there is no end in sight. As data shows that the curve has flattened and our state is on a positive trajectory, Inslee is alluding to longer government orders. As businesses are folding and more Washingtonians are laid off, Jay Inslee has not given any indications that he is motivated to get people back to work in a safe and reasonable manner. Republicans have offered a path to safely re-opening our economy. Governor Inslee has not.
The Governor is not listening to the people, and has offered no hope and no path forward. People are suffering, financially and emotionally under the stress of trying to provide for their families. The Governor has shown no concern for them.”