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We’re Starting 2020 Bigger Than Ever

We’re only eight days into 2020 but we are starting the New Year with some exciting news!

For the first time, we’re kicking the year off with three new Field Directors already working around the state to get Republicans elected. From the State Legislature to the Governor’s office – and every position in between – they’re all on our radar.

With our Directors Matt, Amjad and Phillip working with our local activists and volunteers, we can execute our plans to talk to every Republican and swing voter in the state, turn out votes for our great Republican candidates, and stop the Democrats’ reckless tax-and-spend approach to government.

We already know Democrats want a state income tax, but there’s more! Now they’re talking about a pay-per-mile tax and another tax on jobs that will cripple businesses and entrepreneurs.  All this on top of the outrageous $3 billion in tax increases to pay for the Democrats 18% increase in government spending last session!

It’s because of the help from loyal supporters like you, Friend, that makes the work we do possible. Can you pitch in $50, $25, or even $10 to give our new field directors, activists, and volunteers the tools they need to turn out the Republican vote this year?