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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement on the Crosscut/ Elway Poll.

“Governor Inslee spent most of 2019 jet-setting across the country in hopes of finding a new job while our state struggled with out-of-control homelessness, rampant opioid addiction, sky-rocketing costs of living, gridlock from overcrowded roads, and more.”

“In January of 2019, 48% of Washingtonians viewed Inslee positively and 46% negatively. After running for President and wasting millions of our taxpayer dollars on personal security, Inslee’s numbers have taken a drastic turn, now with only 40% of statewide voters seeing him in a positive light while 57% view him negatively.”

“Instead of addressing the problems that Washingtonians are struggling with, Inslee chose to pander to the ultra-liberal base of the Democratic party and voters are frustrated.”

“After raising taxes by $3 billion last session, and ignoring the will of the voters who want $30 car tabs, Governor Inslee and fellow Democrats are in for a rude-awakening in November.”