BELLEVUE – Chairman Caleb Heimlich released the following statement to announce the WSRP’s new website,

“As Governor Inslee continues to use the taxpayers as a bottomless bank account for his personal security, we thought it would only be fair if Washingtonians knew where their absentee governor is spending his time.”

“With our new website,, we’re going to be tracking Governor Inslee as he pursues his vanity run for the White House. We are also collecting signatures for a petition asking Governor Inslee to reimburse the taxpayers for his out of state security costs.”

“At a cost of $4 million dollars in taxpayer money, it’s time for the Governor to step up, do the right thing, and pay back the people of Washington.”



Steven Susdorf` · May 22, 2019 at 1:16 pm

Does Inslee’s protection detail stop at the state border?
Until voted out or he quits the Governorship isn’t he entitled to the protection? Wherever he goes?
I have left multiple requests for volunteering without a whisper from the Why? Grassroots Training? I cannot find a class within Snohomish County. I am a homeless Veteran, unemployed and would like to help out the Republican Party to the best of my ability, but I need guidance.

Murray LORANCE · May 31, 2019 at 11:47 am

Absolutely agree that our Governor must remit funds now – not sometime later as the expenditures have already ben extracted from our taxed monies. Perhaps we should demand an audit of his tax returns and an ongoing monitoring of his campaign incomes and money sources. He needs to report in person monthly for his abuse and likely illegal transfers.

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