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BELLEVUE – Chairman Heimlich released the following statement on the Democrats’ partisan impeachment process.

“From the day President Trump was inaugurated, Democrats in Congress have been working to undo the election and impeach the President, regardless of the facts. Today marked the 4th impeachment vote pushed by Democrats in the House, but the first time that so-called moderate Democrats joined in on the foolish crusade. 

Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have prioritized petty political games over the people of our country. Congresswoman Kim Schrier and Washington Democrats should be ashamed of their decisions to back these illegitimate hyper-partisan proceedings. Washingtonians deserve real representatives, not Nancy Pelosi puppets.  

The Democrats’ decision to continue a process that lacks both transparency and accountability is not only irresponsible, but sets a dangerous precedent. Schrier and the rest of the far-left members of congress are more interested in pandering to their radical base with closed-door hearings when they should be passing legislation, like the USMCA, that will help farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses across the country thrive.”

Today, Democrats have clearly shown that their hatred of Donald Trump surpasses their love of our country. Americans deserve better.